Out of season
(price per 1 person)

In season
(price per 1 person)


01.01.2019 - 30.06.2019 01.09.2019 - 31.12.2019

01.07.2019 - 31.08.2019

Room (price per 1 day)

105 PLN

125 PLN
Apartment (price per 1 person) Price to be agreeded Price to be agreeded
Children up to 7 year 52 PLN (50% off) 87 PLN (30% off)

Pensioner (over 3 days of stay)

1 person room (surcharge)

100 PLN 125 PLN
1 person room (over 2 days of stay) 120 PLN 145 PLN
1 person room (less than 2 days of stay) 120 PLN We don't rent
2 people room (less than 2 days of stay) 120 PLN 165 PLN

For regular guests of Villa house Dworek Słoneczko discount is granted.


    Price of stay in Villa house Dworek Słoneczko includes:
  • accommodation,
  • catering (breakfast),
  • usage free of charge:
    • hot brine swimming pool and water massages, 
    • 2x sauna (during minimum stay of 7 days),
    • Rehabilitation and sports hall with no limits,
    • Free wi-fi in each room and in whole object,
    • Parking place (area is fenced and monitored).


Services pricelist of cooperating masseur, running his own business - Mr  ( Master ) Zbigniew Przeluski:

Spine massage 30min / 50 PLN
Whole body massage 1h 20min / 100 PLN
Lower limbs massage 40min / 60 PLN
Feet massage and  acupressure 30min / 50 PLN
Warm stones massage 1h 20min / 100 PLN
Chinese bubble massage 40min / 50 PLN
Upper limb lymphatic drainage 20-30min / 40 PLN
Whole body lymphatic drainage 2h / 180 PLN


Price list of services of cooperationg with Dworek Słoneczko holiday base “Pod Lasem”:

Attractions price
Horse riding lesson (30 - 60 min) 45 PLN
In field horse riding - 1.5 hrs 60 PLN


Cennik pobytu dla osób z Boleriozą:

Usługi Cena
Pakiet pobytowy dla osób z Boleriozą 145 PLN
Konsultacje i opieka specjalisty żywienia optymalnego w cenie pobytu
Konsultacje lekarza prowadzącego własną działalność 70 PLN (opłata jednorazowa)
Badanie aparatem Salvia 100 PLN
Prądy selektywne 15 PLN (1 sesja)

* Usługi płatne wykonują osoby prowadzące własną działalność

** Można skorzystać z masaży ręcznych wg cennika na naszej stronie


Reservation and stay at Dworek Słoneczko principals:

  • pre-payment within 3 days (30% of booked stay value),
  • while transferring amount for the stay - indication - arrival date, departure date, for how many people, potential diets or special discounts),
  • payment of remaining amount for the stay at arrival day,
  • stay day starts at 2 pm and ends at 11 am next day,
  • pets are not allowed,
  • read more in Villa Hous Dworek Słoneczko’s regulations.


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