Out of season
(price per 1 person)

In season
(price per 1 person)


01.01.2022 - 30.06.2022 01.09.2022 - 31.12.2019

01.07.2022 - 31.08.2022

Room (price per 1 day)

135 PLN

155 PLN
Apartment (price per 1 person) Price to be agreeded Price to be agreeded
Children up to 7 year 67 PLN (50% off) 108 PLN (30% off)

Pensioner (over 3 days of stay)

1 person room (surcharge)

130 PLN 155 PLN
1 person room (over 2 days of stay) 150 PLN 185 PLN
1 person room (less than 2 days of stay) 155 PLN We don't rent
2 people room (less than 2 days of stay) 155 PLN 195 PLN

For regular guests of Villa house Dworek Słoneczko discount is granted.


    Price of stay in Villa house Dworek Słoneczko includes:
  • accommodation,
  • catering (breakfast),
  • usage free of charge:
    • hot brine swimming pool and water massages, 
    • 2x sauna (during minimum stay of 7 days),
    • Rehabilitation and sports hall with no limits,
    • Free wi-fi in each room and in whole object,
    • Parking place (area is fenced and monitored).


Services pricelist of cooperating masseur, running his own business - Mr  ( Master ) Zbigniew Przeluski:

Spine massage 30min / 50 PLN
Whole body massage 1h 20min / 100 PLN
Lower limbs massage 40min / 60 PLN
Feet massage and  acupressure 30min / 50 PLN
Warm stones massage 1h 20min / 100 PLN
Chinese bubble massage 40min / 50 PLN
Upper limb lymphatic drainage 20-30min / 40 PLN
Whole body lymphatic drainage 2h / 180 PLN


Price list of services of cooperationg with Dworek Słoneczko holiday base “Pod Lasem”:

Attractions price
Horse riding lesson (30 - 60 min) 45 PLN
In field horse riding - 1.5 hrs 60 PLN


Cennik pobytu dla osób z Boleriozą:

Usługi Cena
Pakiet pobytowy dla osób z Boleriozą 145 PLN
Konsultacje i opieka specjalisty żywienia optymalnego w cenie pobytu
Konsultacje lekarza prowadzącego własną działalność 70 PLN (opłata jednorazowa)
Badanie aparatem Salvia 100 PLN
Prądy selektywne 15 PLN (1 sesja)

* Usługi płatne wykonują osoby prowadzące własną działalność

** Można skorzystać z masaży ręcznych wg cennika na naszej stronie


Słoneczko manor house - booking and stay rules:

  • Payment within 3 days (30% of the total stay value),
  • Title of the money transfer should contain : arrival and departure date, numer of persons, special request concerning diets or special  discounts,
  • During arrival remaining amount of total  stay value should be settled by using credit card or remaining amount of the total value stay should be transferred  to the bank account visible below  - one day ahead of arrival date
  • Day of stay starts at 2 pm  and finishes at 11 am next day,
  • Residence  do not accept animals,
  • More  to be read in  Slolneczko manor house’s regulations,
  • Bank account number IBAN - PL 72 2030 0045 1110 0000 0271 8010 SWIFT - PPABPLPK.


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